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  1. Nial – we used standard Trek tourers hired from Kathmandu – few of the group carried spare tyres although i think a good idea – terrain off road was pretty rocky but few if any punctures let alone tyre problems. Nial like to talk by email as am doing end to end both ways through Edinburgh and looking for some advice e.g. getting through Edinburgh, ability to pick up bike boxes as will be flying out of Edinburgh etc appreciate contact Rgds Michael – Litchy1@netspace.net.au

  2. @stubblejumper13
    Must have been an incredible experience Alan being the first trip and with weather and road conditions the way they were. While our weather was pretty good we still had 2 snow days, plenty of sub zero mornings and never ending headwinds.
    Cheers Mike-L

  3. I rode with Red Spokes on their first trip in 2005 and boy have the roads improved. We traveled in October and got caught in a couple of snow storms, but your weather looked great. It was the greatest adventure of my life at the time and still is. Almost feel crazy enough to challenge those headwinds and climbs again!!! Thanks for the memories!!


  4. Defiantly a trip of a life time. My two small videos of the trip can be found if you search piessem.

  5. @litchy76
    Given the quality of the roads, and the off-road sections didn’t look too bad from the video, what tyres would you recommend? I’m riding a hybrid tourer (Dawes Karakum) on which I normally use 35mm tyres for commuting on Edinburgh’s pot-holed and cobbled streets. I was thinking of putting on some 38mm for Tibet, but looking at the video even 35mm might be adequate! Any advice welcome,
    Cheers, Niall

  6. @NiallCorbet
    The roads were mainly put down by the Chinese prior to the 2008 Olympics they certainly helped in facing the amazingly strong headwinds. Hope you have a great trip !

  7. @piessem
    We talked about this on trip and marvel at those like yourself who did it prior to the roads being fixed up. Our 3-4 days off road gave us a pretty good taste though. Regardless even with good roads the incessant headwinds made it a very strong challenge !

  8. @live4cycle
    Thx for your comments. I was also pretty uncertain in the lead up but if you’re mentally strong and preared for a hard slog you’ll get through well. The experience is certainly one you’ll never forget . I hope you enjoy !

  9. Thank you so much for posting this video. I am booked for the 2011 April-May tour, and have been wavering in my resolve. Now I understand, again, why I need to do this. And your choice of music is superb. Well done, and thank you again.

  10. Cool – heading out there to do the same trip in May/June – can’t wait! The roads look surprisingly good!

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