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  1. that noisy music just doesnt match that peacefull environment,just a personal feeling,but thkyou anyway

  2. A mountain bike was fine for them bad roads. If you ride a rigid bike and use front panniers or a basket bicycle will be more balanced.

  3. @TibbyMy go to realworldtraveler(dot)com Tibet page for the full details. There is a $ link at the top that gives costs and another that gives maps and facts.

  4. And I would kindly ask you If u can tell. How much money would an expedition like this require (as in equipment and everything). Thanx. Cheers

  5. WOW you are an inspiration to me. I want to do just that. I am 25 and finishing my studies. As soon as i gather enough money i will quit my job and start wondering through Tibet and beyond into China 🙂 By the way how old were you when you did this road?

  6. Thanks for the inspiration! I just happened to look up bicycle touring, as I am now living in Japan and would like to go mobile, and saw your video. Looks challenging and something I’d definitely like to do someday.

  7. much respect for you dirttreks!
    this has always been my dream!
    perhaps one day my surly lht and i can do something similar to this

  8. Hey Dittreks,
    u know what?
    First i loved your videos for the pictures and hated this low-hard-rocker music.
    Then i looked at it over and over because of the beautiful mountains and to dream to go there cycling, and started to get the music the whole day in mind.
    Now i don’t look the pictures anymore because i knoy them so good.
    But i still play your video to hear this music!
    Ah, you got me! ;o)

    Keep on, your videos are nice and you seem to be a good guy!

    Greetings from France!

  9. Hi
    My bike cost less than $100 US in Lasha, but the other bike (Dutch guy) cost about $200 US in Beijing.
    Visa issues is a big question. Basically if you get a Chinese visa and enter from a place other than Nepal you can then enter Tibet by train (in theory). I got a permit for a overland travel package in Nepal and did the 7-day jeep trip to Lasah (but made sure they gave me a 25 day permit). Then in Lasah I got the bike and took off and had no problems.

  10. Very inspiring destination! Your bike doesn’t look all that cheap……how much did you pay for it? Were the visas/permits easy to obtain?

  11. Ha. Thanx tattiv, but can you include a tent with those flat tire-vibes. The last mountain (Corno Grande) put me out of the game for three months. But don’t fear, I leave for India in a few weeks to continue the game.

  12. Chris, Tibet kicked my butt. It is a hard place to travel, even without a bicycle. The Chinese have worked hard to destroy the culture in Tibet, so Ladakh, India, is more of the real Tibet now.

  13. yay Livio!!! i’m so glad you’re keeping me in the loop & that you’re safe!! and that you’re visiting these amazing countries!!! i send u – no flat tire-vibes

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