Zipp Launches New Wheels, Bars And Tyres

Recently Zipp announced the launch of new 303 Firecrest and 454 NSW tubular wheels, along with Ergo bars and tyre upgrades. According to the statement given by Zinc it has a new manufacturing process for the 45mm deep 303 and that it now benefits from trickle-down from its premium NSW wheels. With no brake track to cater for, the disc brake version of the 303 has a rim with Zipp’s ABLC Sawtooth dimples extending to the outer edge.

Describing the features, Zipp said the rim brake version has the same dimples, as well as a new show-stopper brake track, gives excellent modulation and short stopping distances both in the wet and the dry. The new construction methods are widely appreciated as they give both rims improved impact resistance. The rims are 25mm wide and designed to work with the wider tires to provide enhanced tire stability and ride quality.