Nibali claims 2014 Tour France Second Stage

It’s a great time for Italian cycling enthusiasts as their one of the top favorites Nibali went on to claim the 2nd stage at the Tour France 2014. It was a late hit from Vincenzo which got him the coveted yellow jersey at the most prestigious cycling championship of the world.

Defending champ Froome too was quite a treat as he rushed up with great pace on the menacingly steep ninth ascent route (Jenkin Road) – 5 kms from finish. Alberto Contador, the 2 times Tour France champion was in the race as well as the grandest cycling championship bid adieu to Yorkshire post a couple of memorable days.

There was a huge crowd line-up across the 201-km trail from York & hundreds and hundreds of fans were cheering at finishing area as the Italian champ turned on power, 2 kms before the finishing line.  The chasers still had ample time to track him down yet the Astana star sprinter went down with a stern breeze that led him a winning finish 2 seconds prior to Greg Avermaet & Pole Kwiatkowski.

Both Contador & Froome were in the bunch of chasers.

“I feel it’s in the last kilometers that they all attempted to attack”, stated Nibali, who came up 3rd behind Sir Wiggins & Froome, 2 years back in 2012.

Contador was the 1st one to attack & Froome too endeavored to attack & control –yet somehow I attacked them just on time & won the stage. However, I do not wish to lose head over that. Tour France doesn’t stop at 2nd stage with Yellow jersey & there are 3 weeks more to go.”

With Cavendish out now, the UK enthusiasts were pinning all hopes on Froome. The defending champ did show his stellar prowess yet still had to end up behind Nibali.