3 thoughts on “Cycle Lhasa to Kathmandu – part 1 / days 1-2

  1. It’s been great to see this. Memories do fade over time so this is a great record. What I do vividly remember though, are the corners on the Khamba La, where the dust/gravel came half way up the wheels. Real lung busting stuff. But that trip is definitely a lifetime highlight – particularly the view from the Pang La. Thanks again!

  2. @larnealive
    Thx for comments – It is amazing that you did the same but largely off road – we were lucky in that roads were done up to aid tourism by Chinese in lead up to 2008 Olympics – even still altitude and remaining off road make this an incredibly challenging ride ! The scenery while barren in parts is stunning !

  3. Thank you so much for posting this series of videos. I made the same trip in 1994 when there were only two short strips of bitumen on the route. This is a fantastic record and great memories.

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