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Cadel And His Cycling Ventures

Cadel might have retired from active cycling since 2015 but invites still continue to come in for him to participate in different events.

He currently took part in a mountain biking challenge along with a teammate in South Africa. As he stated, the invite had come last year, but he could only make it this year as he was down with a knee problem. Now he is back on the saddle again and is being seen among different cycling events in and outside the country. For instance, three cycling icons in Tasmania are gearing up to represent their state at the Australian Masters Games. Tim O’Shannessey, John Gregory and Michael Wilson have been experts in road, Australian track races as well as in mountain biking, similar to Cadel’s accomplishments. They are looking forward to competing again at the biennial sporting event that would be held in the month of October in Northern Tasmania.

O’Shannessey had won bronze in 1996 Olympic Games while Wilson represented his country Australia at the Olympics in the year 1980. All of them are in their late forties or fifties and have different lives now.

Gregory had beaten Cadel to obtain the national title in the racing event in Thredbo in the year 1995. It would be interesting to see Cadel’s involvement in this racing event. Cadel himself has several accolades to his credit and is a younger member of the professional cycling community of the country. Having earned Olympic medals, four times and taken part in several racing events, he is known for his ease with road racing as well as with mountain biking. He did suffer a knee operation last year, but it does seem that he is back on the saddle and that he would also be keeping busy by taking part in different events though he has officially retired from the races.