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Nacer Bouhanni Wants To Become A Professional Boxer After Retiring From Cycling

Nacer Bouhanni has said that he wants to become a boxer after he retires from cycling.

Before Bouhanni became a professional cyclist, he used to be a fighter. Every year, he includes boxing as a part of his winter training program. Bouhanni has said that he might quit cycling some time before or after he becomes 32 years old and after that he expects to be able to do boxing for two years at least. He said that he will dedicate himself to the sport completely just like he did in his cycling career.

Bouhanni will ride for the French second division team Cofidis in the 2015 season. He rode for team for four years after he started his professional cycling career. (more…)

Cycling Tibet

Chris Froome Soon to Start Training for 2015 Season

Chris Froome is very eager to start preparing for 2015 season after spending the off season riding in odd criterium and riding in the Himalayas and marrying his fiancée Michelle Cound.

Chris Froome mentioned his riding in the Himalayas in Team Sky’s website. He said that it was a different experience for him and he enjoyed it. Froome considers that after the end of a season, it is very crucial to correct one’s performance shortcomings and prepare for the next season. He said that he’s very eager to resume training for the upcoming season.

The 2014 season was a very bad one for Froome. This season his main aim was to defend his Tour de France Title but he failed to do so due to crashing. Froome considers that the starting stages of the race to be his highlight of this season.

He said that being able to start in Yorkshire was an unforgettable experience for him. He said that being the previous winner of the race, he got enormous support there and it was a great experience for him.

Froome’s failure to perform well in the Tour de France was a very disappointing experience for him. But he regards his performance at the Vuelta a Espana to be satisfying. He also performed very well in Tour de Romandie but he still considers his performance at the Vuelta to be his most satisfying experience of this season. He said that even though he couldn’t perform well in the tour, he’s still happy about the other victories he got in this season.

Froome didn’t clearly say which races, in the upcoming season, he’ll participate in. He said that he regards Giro d’Italia to be a big opportunity and he said that participating in Tour de France is something he needs to decide carefully. Froome said that for the next season his main goal is to perform well.


Florida Cycling Gets Underway

MacArthur Causeway is the improbable pathway of bike in the world. The road connects to the proper Miami with the beach of Miami. The correspondent notices a cyclist all alone crossing the traffic in the road though in the right hand side a path is laid down for the cyclists.

The road has 6 lanes which are wide. Every day the traffic strucks the road and it gets dicey for the cyclists to turn and spin on the road. Collisions are frequent and cyclists get injured and die due to the accidents. The rate of accidents for the cyclist death and injury is much higher in Florida than the normal rate. Even pedestrians walking down the road get disoriented. It is evident that death is inevitable but safety measures is has to be taken as far as road is concerned. Traffic has increased over the years and the design of roads has also become so poor that the cyclists have no option but to take the course in their stride.

The expressway of MacArthur is an area which causes maximum problems. Pedestrians are attacked with the crashing of cars and cycles. Many cities in Florida are new hence the roads are not developed. The government of Florida is trying their level best to address the issue fairly and promptly. The sidewalks seem to be disappearing and reduction of accidents is what the government is rooting for.

Much of the problem is caused due to the rise in population and doldrums of economy not ceasing to stop. Cities have to be connected to the suburb so changes in the pattern of roads are seen. How far the government becomes successful in tackling the problem is yet to be seen. Curtailment of accidents is a must and safety of the cyclist as well.