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The team projected to replace British UCl continental team have failed come up with a sponsor, as a necessity to partake in next year season.

Tom Barras, the team’s manager has been making efforts to secure a top sponsor, which the team will need to provide the €300,000 required to earn the team a place in the race next year.

He explained that the team had earlier secured a sponsor in November. Unfortunately, the sponsor withdrew support from the team blaming their action on the unpredictability of the country’s economy, in the wake of the Brexit vote.

He has expressed hope that if a sponsor was to materialize within the next few week, he could still set up a team of professional riders to compete under an elite license. Stating clearly that he would not like the idea of running a team with a low budget, where he would have to use riders who are not professionals.

He says it is a familiar occurrence in cycling where today you have enough sponsorship, and the next day you are looking for sponsorships. He pointed out that it is simply impossible to run a team without sponsorship.

Another British team is also affected by the current lack of sponsors. One Pro Cycling has lost Factor Bikes who have served as their main sponsors. As a result the team will have to drop from Pro Continental to Continental for the 2017 season.

However, Factor Bikes revealed to cycling weekly magazine on the 8th of December, that they had plans of sponsoring both Ag2r La Mondiale and One Pro into the 2017 cycling season.

Unfortunately, Factor Bikes and the team could not reach an agreement, as the explained that they could not meet the expectation of One Pro Cycling. Following there loss of sponsors and demotion, One Pro Cycling would have to end the contracts of their riders.