Evans vows to make a comeback

Cadel Evans has taken a vow that he would return next year to win the Tour Down Under. After having finished in the second place just one second behind the winner Simon Gerrans, Evans was rather upset about the result. He has however managed to salvage an overall lead which will take him down to Adelaide for the World Tour.

Although Cadel Evans has been successful in the mountain climbs and brutal switchbacks in Europe his ability to crack his home roads is yet to be seen. The former Tour de France winner was agonizingly close to winning the Tour Down Under but unfortunately for him and all the fans he was short by just one second. The 800 km race has been proved to be a challenge for many but Evans was one of the most successful riders in this category. The loss that Evans has had to suffer in this championship might strike a comeback for this rider as he would be participating for the last time in Adelaide in the World Tour.

The Tour of Tasmania in 1998 was the last time he won anything in his home soil and that is why he is so upset. He was determined to win the championship this time but unfortunately he could not. In a prior interview Evans said that after Tour Down Under he would assess with his trainer and manager whether it would be good for him to participate in Giro d Italia which is scheduled to take place in May because he would be retiring from cycling after this year.

He is yet to decide whether he will be participating in this event or not and the fans are eagerly waiting for his decision. His manager and also his trainer has said that Evans will not be rushed for his retirement. If he thinks he will be able to participate and if he has the fitness then they would not stop him from doing what he wants.